Tinyhouse On Wheels Builders

Below are some of the builders we have either met, worked with, toured their work shop or just really like the work they are doing.

Sitka Concept

"We love to keep things simple. From contract forms to building sites, every piece of the puzzle is well organized and as simple as it can be. Even personally, we have few belongings. But what we have is high quality products that last long time. That is what we want to provide you with. High quality services and homes that will last a lifetime." - About Us, Sitkaconcpet.ca

Location: Penticton, BC

Summit Tiny Homes

"We are the Okanagan's premier tiny home builder. Located in heart of British Columbia. Our vision was born on the prospect of sustainability, freedom and versitility. The moment we saw the potential in a tiny home, we were hooked! The Okanagan has so much to offer and we felt like we were always too busy to grasp all of its glory." - summittinyhomes.com

Location: Vernon, BC

Mint Tiny Homes

"Mint tiny homes are built to the same specifications as those of a traditional home on a concrete foundation. With the use of 2×4 construction, or a metal frame, Mint is able to create the cozy feeling of home, while harnessing the benefits of a mobile foundation." - About Us, minttinyhomes.com

Location: Vancouver, BC

Rewild Homes

"Rewild Homes was started to fill a niche and support a movement of living simply, using less, and doing more. Our compact, high-quality, portable cabins are built on Vancouver Island using locally sourced materials. We are simple, sustainable, and specialized." - About, rewildhomes.com

Location: Vancouver Island, BC