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Can Americans rent a pad?

Any and all applicants are welcome.

Do you offer transportation services?

We do not offer transportation services but can help you with local contacts for your transportation needs.

Do you offer tiny home building workshops?

We do not offer any tiny home buildings workshops at this time. We only offer a beautiful location for your tiny house.

Will there be power to the property in the future?

This will be a possibility in the future, but being self sufficient and low impact is our end goal.

Do you accept RV's?

Currently we are giving priority to Tiny House owners as it is harder to find a location, but please contact us in regards to future possibilties.

Are there any additional expenses?

There is a monthly fee of $75 for maintenance of the communal areas. Any other services that residents require must be organized and maintained on an individual basis.

Do you provide tiny houses to stay in?

We do not offer the tiny houses themselves, just a place to live in them.

Are you selling the land for Tiny Homes?

We are not selling land, we are providing land for rent with septic and water hookups for Tiny Homes.